The United Nations has announced its World Happiness Report for 2020-2022 on 20 March, International Day of Happiness, which shows Lithuania entering the top...

In January 2023, the seasonally adjusted industrial production increased by 0.7% in the euro area and by 0.3% in the EU, compared with December 2022,...

In January 2023, Lithuania’s foreign trade deficit amounted to EUR 461.1 million, the State Data Agency said in a press release.

According to Statistics Estonia, in January 2023, exports and imports of goods at current prices decreased by 9% and 1% respectively, compared with the same...

Retail trade up by 2.1% in January

2023 m. kovo 6 d. 15:34

In January 2023, the seasonally adjusted volume of retail trade increased by 0.3% in both the euro area and the EU, compared with December 2022, Eurostat,...

Lithuania aims to strengthen cooperation with Sweden in the transport and logistics sectors by planning new cargo and passenger shipping lines between...

Vasiliauskas joins IMF executive board

2023 m. sausio 24 d. 13:33

Fewer deaths in 2022 on Lithuanian roads

2023 m. sausio 21 d. 05:15

Carl Bildt. Post-Putin Possibilities

2023 m. sausio 20 d. 10:32

Electricity price up by 17% in December

2023 m. sausio 15 d. 07:00

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