Ministry of Culture


Daina Urbanaviciene, Lithuanian Deputy Minister of Culture and former chair of the Lithuanian Council for Culture, regretted over subsidies for cancelled or...

The University of Parma's Professor Guido Michelini , a well-known linguist and experts in Baltic linguistics, has passed away, Lithuania's Ministry of...

The Vilnius authorities rejected a proposal last week to hold a concert in the Lithuanian capital's Town Hall Square due to the Estonian organizers'...

Prašome leidimo surengti nemokamą koncertą Vilniuje, Rotušės aikštėje. Tokio prašymo sulaukęs Vilniaus miesto meras Remigijus Šimašius jį...

Lithuania's Ministry of Culture on Monday announced the six winners of the Lithuanian National Prize for Culture and Arts .

Representatives of private media outlets in Lithuania are asking the authorities to more clearly ban advertising on the Lithuanian radio and television...

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