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An ongoing cyber-attack by a Russia-affiliated hacker group on Monday disrupted the operations of some public authorities and businesses.

The total number of Ukrainian war refugees registered in Lithuania has risen to 39,600, including 16,800 minors, the latest official statistics showed on...

Some 20,060 war refugees from Ukraine have registered in Lithuania so far, including more than 8,600 minors, the Interior Ministry said on Friday.

Russians who have fled to Vilnius to escape persecution in their country have no doubt that an increasing number of their compatriots opposed to the war in...

Ukrainians fleeing the war will not be required to apply for asylum in Lithuania as they will be able to ask for a temporary residence permit or a national...

Lithuania has put two more Russian singers on its persona non grata list because of their concerts held in the occupied Crimea.

167 Afghans granted asylum

2021 m. rugsėjo 29 d. 15:25

Eight irregular migrants return home from Lithuania

2021 m. rugpjūčio 30 d. 09:54

Migration Department receives 1,500 asylum requests

2021 m. rugpjūčio 14 d. 07:00

1st Iraqi migrant voluntarily leaves Lithuania

2021 m. rugpjūčio 13 d. 12:53

Vilnius court gears up for influx of asylum cases  (1)

2021 m. birželio 30 d. 11:52

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