Migration Department

Lithuania 's Foreign Ministry plans to facilitate visa issuance for Belarusian citizens.

Lithuanian Interior Minister Rita Tamasuniene signed on Monday a decree to blacklist President Alexander Lukashenko and 29 other Belarusian officials...

11 Belarusians ask for asylum in Lithuania

2020 m. rugpjūčio 26 d. 09:48

Some 11 Belarusian citizens have asked for asylum in Lithuania recently.

The Lithuanian government has banned entry to people linked to the Hezbollah paramilitary movement which it regards as a " terrorist organization ".

Lithuania's authorities are ready to respond to possible tensions on the border with Belarus and are preparing premises to quarantine refugees , Prime...

The Interior Ministry has proposed to expand the list of cases when minors who have acquired Lithuanian citizenship by birth can also be citizens of...

Overstaying foreigners will not face liability  (1)

2020 m. birželio 16 d. 17:18

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