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Lithuanian business representatives on Wednesday lodged a complaint before a court seeking remedy for services prohibitions introduced during the lockdown...

The lockdown regime ends in Lithuania on Wednesday and the country will live under the conditions of an emergency situation.

Overstaying foreigners will not face liability  (1)

2020 m. birželio 16 d. 17:18

Foreigners whose permits to temporarily stay in Lithuania expired during the lockdown will not face administrative liability, the country's Migration...

Some 1,500 more people have been fired than hired in Lithuania since the introduction of the nationwide coronavirus lockdown in mid-March, Social...

Easing the lockdown measures, the Lithuanian government has approved that travellers coming from 24 European countries will not be subject to 14 days of...

Lithuania opens up to foreigners

2020 m. birželio 1 d. 10:45

Lithuania is lifting more lockdown restrictions as of Monday as mass events are allowed, borders are being opened to foreigners and elder...

Lockdown extended until June 16

2020 m. gegužės 27 d. 15:50

R. van Voren. Getting ready for the next

2020 m. gegužės 25 d. 09:13

Kindergartens, restaurants and gyms reopen

2020 m. gegužės 18 d. 10:10

Lockdown extended until summer

2020 m. gegužės 6 d. 16:57

Vilnius set to become one giant outdoor café

2020 m. balandžio 29 d. 09:38

R. van Voren. Price of long-term isolation

2020 m. balandžio 19 d. 06:25

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