European Central Bank


Europe’s economy is starting to follow the familiar script of lagging its international peers when recovering from a crisis.

The euro-area economy is poised to shrink again at the start of this year as the resurgent pandemic plunges the region into a double-dip recession.

Europe ’s economy, freshly battered by coronavirus restrictions, is facing a sluggish recovery next year that leaves it open to rising company failures...

Judging by its largest banks , you’d hardly know Europe was in the grip of a worsening pandemic .

Reykjavik Global Forum's Women Leaders address the world's business and governments to rethink leadership in the context of equality between woman and men.

When economic historian Charles Kindleberger charted the rise of financial centers around the world in 1973, he doubted London could take the top spot in...

Moody's improves Lithuania's credit rating outlook

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