Five of Lithuania's seven new coronavirus cases registered on Tuesday are thought to have been contracted abroad, the National Public Health Center...

Around 200 employees of Hegelmann Transporte are being tested for COVID-19 after 18 coronavirus cases have been recently registered in the Kaunas...

The national airports operator further pursues the goal to ensure a smooth travelling experience for passengers with special needs, therefore they commence...

Trečiadienį, liepos 1 d., Lietuvoje vyko valstybinis anglų kalbos egzaminas. Tai buvo antroji egzamino dalis, kurią sudarė rašymo, skaitymo ir klausymo...

COVID-19 has made one thing inevitable: leisure venues are not going back to business as usual for the foreseeable future. Concepts such as social...

Carried out in 2018-2019, the Analysis of Diversity and Equal Opportunities in Vilnius University (VU) revealed that the number of women working at VU...

Business valley project near Neris finished

2020 m. birželio 9 d. 15:04

One more flight resumed from Vilnius

2020 m. birželio 8 d. 10:11

Pandemic threats: how lockdown affected startups

2020 m. gegužės 31 d. 07:25

Seimas approved the aid after quarantine

2020 m. gegužės 12 d. 19:05

276 medics are isolation in Lithuania

2020 m. balandžio 3 d. 15:52

Avia Solutions Group bought Bluebird Nordic

2020 m. balandžio 1 d. 13:13

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