Azad Ismayilov, a KTU industrial engineering and management student from Azerbaijan, already has two internships in international companies, several...

On 9 November, Permanent Representative of Lithuania to the United Nations Office and other International Organisations in Geneva Ambassador Darius Staniulis...

Lithuania’s greenest solutions were evaluated on Friday at the Transport Innovation Forum in Vilnius: from water buses to air pollution-measuring parcel...

The Estonian weekly Eesti Ekspress interviewed the heads and several employees of Estonia’s, Latvia’s, and Lithuania’s state security agencies. This is...

US Ambassador to Lithuania Robert S. Gilchrist says the West will react to Russia’s intensified attacks against Ukrainian civilians.

Government approves candidatures of two ambassadors

2022 m. rugpjūčio 17 d. 16:45

Bajarunas proposed for ambassador to United Kingdom

2022 m. rugpjūčio 13 d. 04:25

Skerstonaite nominated for ambassador to Greece

2022 m. gegužės 22 d. 05:15

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