On 15 July, Lithuania will send essential medical supplies for combating the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) to the United States of America. The medical...

French officials and Baltic experts debated France ’s electoral case study, as the Lithuanian parliament considered diaspora ’s internet voting...

As enhancement of defence cooperation between Lithuania and Germany continues, Agreement between the Government of the Republic of Lithuania and the...

Lithuania opens its Honorary Consulate in Crete

2020 m. birželio 27 d. 04:25

On 26 June, Lithuania’s Honorary Consulat e in Heraklion, Crete , officially opened with a virtual ceremony. Yiannis Giakoumakis, who has the...

A Lithuanian team of 11 experts and medics has left for Armenia on Friday morning for a two-week mission to help the country to take the coronavirus...

Lithuania opens Honorary Consulate in Spain

2020 m. birželio 2 d. 13:52

On 1 June, Lithuania opened its fifth Honorary Consulate in Santander , the capital of the region of Cantabria on the north coast of Spain . Ana Belén...

Coronavirus: more measures in plan

2020 m. sausio 30 d. 15:02

4th Honorary Consulate opened in Australia

2019 m. gruodžio 16 d. 15:10

Ex-Lithuanian diplomat in France Backis dies

2019 m. lapkričio 19 d. 15:15

Skusevicius appointed ambassador to Canada

2019 m. lapkričio 14 d. 15:05

Ambassadors to NATO and Russia recalled

2019 m. lapkričio 14 d. 10:05

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