Apie aktoriaus mirtį pranešė jo sūnus Rickas Brownas, kuris feisbuko paskyroje paviešino už širdies griebiančią žinutę.

„Jis mirė nesikankindamas, apsuptas bei mylimas šeimos ir daugelio kitų“, – parašė sūnus.

J. Allanas lietuviams puikiai žinomas iš serialo „Santa Barbara“, kur vaidino SiSi Kepvelą.

Iškart po aktoriaus mirties jautrią žinutę parašė „Beverli Hilsas, 90210“ aktorius Ianas Zieringas.

Žinia apie aktoriaus mirtį pasirodė praėjus penkioms dienoms po to, kai po insulto ligoninėje užgeso „Beverli Hilsas, 90210“ žvaigždės Luke'o Perry gyvybė.

Po žinios apie J. Allano mirtį, užuojauta ir prisiminimais ėmė dalintis ir kiti kolegos.

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The actor Jed Allan walked on yesterday. Among his many unforgettable roles was that of CC Capwell, the powerful patriarch around whom the tempests of story swirled in NBC’s daytime drama Santa Barbara for many remarkable years. Jed was a pro’s pro in every sense, and an inspired artist in the moments when the red lights came on — he was fearless, and his work moved millions. I first met him in the early seventies, when his son Mitch Brown and I were cast mates on the TV series, The Cowboys. With his effervescent wife Toby at his side, he quietly asked me to keep a watchful eye out for Mitch, as it was his first gig. Jed was already a star by then, and he was as warm and articulate and charming as anyone I’d ever met. A decade later, when he came to Santa Barbara, the show finally began to find its eventually glorious stride. I LOVED working with him, as did everyone else who got the chance. Years later, he visited me backstage during the difficult run of a play I was doing — offered typically generous support — and then spoke of the loss of Toby, the love of his life, who had passed away shortly before, with literally no warning. (It was hard to imagine a human being missing another more...) In my dream, the two of them are dancing together again tonight — a great comfort to all who’ve known and loved them over the years. Condolences now to their wonderful sons, and gratitude to Jed for his unerring joy in the telling of stories, and for offering always the embrace of his massive heart. #JedAllan #ForceOfNature #TheFamilyYouChoose

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J. Allanas seriale „Santa Barbara“ pradėjo vaidinti 1986 metais dirbo ten iki 1993 m. Po to buvo pakviestas į serialą „Beverli Hilsas, 90210“.

J. Allanas buvo vedęs Toby Brown, tačiau ši 2001 metais mirė. Be tėvų liko trys sūnūs.