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Lithuania is among the top five countries that have reduced alcohol consumption the most over five years, according to the latest figures from the World...

Lithuania no longer leads in alcohol consumption

2021 m. balandžio 24 d. 05:15

Lithuania has made progress and, based on unofficial data from the World Health Organization, is no longer the No 1 country in the world in terms of alcohol...

Lithuania’s Health Minister Arunas Dulkys plans to choose the vaccine developed by AstraZeneca, when it is his turn to receive a jab, in a bid to quell...

Being famously wealthy, a model for efficiency and punctuality and having a big pharmaceuticals industry is no guarantee of success when it comes to the...

A year ago, Krishna Ella was simply known for running a small Indian pharmaceutical company with a reputation for scientific rigor. Then came the pandemic...

The world economy is facing a tougher start to 2021 than expected as coronavirus infections surge and it takes time to roll out vaccinations.

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