Vilnius Municipality


Vilniaus miesto savivaldybė per kelerius metus planuoja pastatyti du socialinius daugiabučius, juose iš viso bus apie 150 butų.

Axis Industries , the winner of the tender for the construction and concession of a national stadium in Vilnius, and its partners agree to fund the...

A plaque naming a square outside the Russian Embassy in Vilnius after democrat and the Kremlin's critic Boris Nemtsov , murdered several years ago, was...

The Government of Lithuania and Vilnius authorities have settled their dispute and agreed on the funding of the national stadium 's construction. It was...

Vilnius Municipality well be the patron of a festival of Russian culture that will place in Vilnius in June.

Vilnius launches modern surveillance system

2018 m. gegužės 11 d. 15:57

A new modern surveillance system has been launched in Vilnius, covering over a hundred of public spaces.

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