Vilnius Airport


Lithuania has denied entry to representatives of a Russia n foundation that is on the national blacklist , a move that Moscow has said will not go unanswered.

Total spending by Lithuanian tourist s in foreign countries rose by 9.6 percent in January through September 2016 year-on-year to 686.2 million euros,...

Antradienį priešpiet dėl rūko Vilniaus oro uoste nesileido lėktuvai - jie nukreipiami į kitus miestus.

Lithuania's Foreign Ministry has provided info to the country's law-enforcement, contesting the Russian argumentation over the detention of Zurab Maisuradze...

Zurab Maisuradze, a former head of Georgia 's anti-terrorism center, has been arrested in Vilnius on an Interpol warrant at Russia 's initiative.

Philosopher Donskis passes away  (1)

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Russian singer denied entry to Lithuania

2016 m. rugpjūčio 18 d. 10:36

Aircraft hit by bird strike at Vilnius airport

2016 m. gegužės 23 d. 09:28

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