United States

The NATO summit meeting could have ended in failure – there were talks about US President Donald Trump 's ultimatum of withdrawing from the Alliance....

US President Donald Trump says he might discuss American troops' training in the Baltic states during his meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin...

Unify Square, the leading provider of software and 24×7 cloud managed services for Microsoft Teams and Skype for Business, today announced they will open...

Lithuanian President Dalia Grybauskaitė says that on Wednesday she wished US President Donald Trump to be more unpredictable in next week's meeting...

The remains of Mykolas Biržiška, one of the twenty signatories of Lithuania's 1918 declaration of independence, was reburied in Vilnius on Wednesday.

Lithuanian President Dalia Grybauskaitė says that she agrees with US President Donald Trump 's criticism of Germany over the Nord Stream pipeline...

Trade war pushes to think of a plan B

2018 m. liepos 4 d. 15:04

Seimas speaker to visit United States

2018 m. birželio 25 d. 10:38

Chief of defense Žukas to visit Poland

2018 m. birželio 20 d. 16:27

New US defense attaché accredited to Lithuania

2018 m. birželio 19 d. 15:14

Back to the Future: Europeanism and Atlanticisim

2018 m. birželio 18 d. 13:22

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