In April 2015, Lithuania's seasonally-adjusted unemployment rate stood at 8.9 percent with around 131,000 jobseekers, Eurostat , the statistical office of...

The European Commission on Wednesday suggested relocating up to 710 refugees to Lithuania in a move aimed at resolving the Mediterranean migrant crisis.

Mandatory refugee quotas for EU member states would run counter to legal practice, therefore, such decisions should be made on a voluntary basis, Lithuanian...

Lithuania has received recommendations from the European Commission on the most pressing issues in the economy that need addressing. Disturbingly, over 30...

Accepting refugees is not the only way to contribute to the resolution of the existing refugee crisis, and the allocated quotas are still an issue "on...

The European Commission has suggested moving 207 refugees to Lithuania as part of the resolution of the migrant crisis in the Mediterranean Sea, the...

ania's unemployment in March at 9.5 percent

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Opinion: Stress-testing welfare states

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Lithuanian parliament passes 2015 budget

2014 m. gruodžio 4 d. 13:49

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