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Restored Ziezmariai synagogue opens its doors

2021 m. rugsėjo 19 d. 07:00

The restored wooden synagogue in Ziezmariai in Lithuania's Kaisiadorys District is opening its doors on Friday.

Kaunas Municipality will make arrangements for Saturday's LGBTQ+ march to take place along the planned route, but the court that ordered the local authority...

Lithuania's Supreme Administrative Court on Friday dismissed Kaunas Municipality's appeal and gave it until 6 p.m. to authorize Saturday's LGBTQ+ march to...

In August this year, Satchel, a Lithuanian-born EMI that develops money management solutions for private and corporate clients, and Vilniaus Rytas, one of...

The local authority of Vilnius on Tuesday refused to issue a permit for the Lithuanian Family Movement to stage a planned rally outside the Lithuanian...

Lithuania’s State Security Department (SSD) has warned about the heightened risk of violence during protests.

Neringa launches culture capital events  (1)

2021 m. birželio 12 d. 04:25

Majority of Lithuanians back mayoral term cap

2021 m. birželio 2 d. 10:27

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