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Lithuania posts monthly deflation in June

2019 m. liepos 8 d. 18:58

Lithuania's monthly deflation stood at 0.2 percent in June as the prices of goods and services went down for the first time after prices earlier...

Foreigners spent EUR 1.3b in country last year

2019 m. birželio 22 d. 13:10

Foreign tourists and other foreign travelers spent 1.271 billion euros in Lithuania last year, up 9 percent from 1.169 billion in 2017, the latest...

1.5 million people will live in Lithuania at the end of the XXI century, which is around 45 percent down from now, the United National forecast.

Lithuania remains dependent on imported energy

2019 m. birželio 15 d. 18:15

Lithuania used more energy resources last year, and the country remains dependent on imported energy .

Lithuania registered a positive migration balance for the fourth successive month in May as more people came into the country than left, with economists...

Chinese experts to inspect beef producers

2019 m. birželio 9 d. 11:35

A team of Chinese experts are coming to Lithuania on Monday to carry out the last checks before allowing Lithuania to export frozen beef and beef offal .

Alcohol consumption drops in country  (1)

2019 m. gegužės 30 d. 10:53

Number of job vacancies down in country

2019 m. gegužės 24 d. 12:03

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