State Tourism Department

Lithuania's government hopes the upcoming papal visit will encourage religious tourism in the country as around 250 foreign journalists are coming to...

Lithuania's Economy Ministry has decided to scrap the State Tourism Department and replace it with a new agency, Lithuania Travel . Economy Minister...

Lithuania's Tourism Department has expressed disappointment over the refusal of the crew of the reality show about US basketball players Balls to get to...

Lithuania's State Tourism Department has suspended the license of Travelonline Baltics after failing to establish whether the tour operator had enough...

Israeli culinary guru Gil Hovav ’s new TV show Open Skies about Lithuania on Keshet 12 channel counted about a million viewers. The half-hour show...

Latvia's travel agency Travel RSP has no right to operate in Lithuania , as it is not listed as a provider of travel services, the State Tourism Department...

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Japanese tourists feel at home in Lithuania

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Lithuania sets up Ebola coordination team

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World's biggest LIKE to be lit in Lithuania

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