Nepavykę bandymai perkelti kvapus į internetą

2020 m. lapkričio 23 d. 19:00

Per pastaruosius porą šimtmečių technologijos padarė tai, kas iki tol atrodė neįmanoma. Seniau žmonės net įsivaizduoti negalėjo, kad galės...

Wales and Scotland listed as non-safe

2020 m. lapkričio 23 d. 17:54

As of 23 November, Wales and Scotland have been added to the list of affected countries. Lithuania is currently mapped in the red area, and its list of...

Muhammad Saleem from Pakistan came to Vilnius to gain knowledge and skills that he could apply once he returned home to Pakistan. The 23-year-old student...

As a resurgent coronavirus sweeps across Europe and the U.S., some health experts are calling for a “cluster-busting” approach to contact tracing like...

Judging by its largest banks , you’d hardly know Europe was in the grip of a worsening pandemic .

Economists zeroed in on China’s focus on quality economic growth and its technology ambitions in the 14th five-year plan released Thursday.

Veryga: Finland resumes border control

2020 m. spalio 3 d. 13:09


2020 m. liepos 1 d. 13:25

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