The leaders of Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Poland and the European leaders on Thursday endorsed a work schedule on how the Baltic states will disconnect...

Remains of last partisan discovered in Vilnius

2019 m. birželio 19 d. 18:59

The remains of Antanas Kraujelis-Siaubunas , Lithuania's last partisan who was killed with a gun in his arms, have been found at the Orphans' Cemetery in...

Several lawmakers from the opposition conservative Homeland Union – Lithuanian Christian Democrats have called on German sportswear maker Adidas to...

Lithuania marks Day of Mourning and Hope

2019 m. birželio 14 d. 10:20

Lithuania is on Friday marking the Day of Mourning and Hope , the anniversary of the beginning of mass deportations of Lithuanian citizens in the Soviet era.

Lietuvoje minima Gedulo ir vilties diena  (28)

2019 m. birželio 14 d. 06:22

Lietuvoje penktadienį minima Gedulo ir vilties diena, skirta paminėti sovietų vykdytus trėmimus.

A Ukrainian military plane took almost 1 million pieces of ammunition no longer used by the Lithuanian army to Ukraine on Monday, aimed for the...

Leisure ideas for June: top events in Kaunas

2019 m. gegužės 28 d. 12:04

Holocaust victims commemorated in Vilnius

2019 m. gegužės 2 d. 16:45

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