Seimas elections


Kristupas Krivickas, one of the leaders of the Anti-Corruption Coalition of Naglis Putekis and Kristupas Krivickas spoke at Infodiena, claiming that...

Lithuania's outgoing parliament was the one that appointed Zenonas Vaigauskas as the chairman of the Central Electoral Commission , therefore, should...

Epilogue no. 2 and prologue no. 1 to the coming four years: single-mandate lottery in the second round and a coalition. Ligitas Kernagis who failed to obtain...

Reflecting on pre-ELECTION polling

2016 m. spalio 11 d. 14:31

Jastramskis. Intermediary ELECTIONS awards

2016 m. spalio 10 d. 15:12

PM on voter turnout: one always wants more

2016 m. spalio 9 d. 23:05

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