Rūta Vanagaitė EN

Rūta Vanagaitė EN

Rūta Vanagaitė (born January 25, 1955 in Šiauliai) - Lithuanian theater, writer, political and public figure in Vilnius city municipality.

Vigilijus Sadauskas , Lithuania's ombudsman for academic ethics and procedures, says that he offered a cash reward for a thesis about Jews' involvement in...

The Vilnius Regional Court ruled on Wednesday that there were no grounds for opening a pre-trial investigation regarding statements by Rūta Vanagaitė , an...

Vanagaitė and Murza

2017 m. lapkričio 9 d. 15:46

Where Vanagaitė and Paluckas are similar

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The cost of R. Vanagaitė’s love

2017 m. lapkričio 2 d. 14:16

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