Russian Federation


Fighter aircraft deployed in Lithuania to conduct the NATO air-policing mission in the Baltic states were last week scrambled once to intercept military...

The Lithuanian Foreign Ministry on Tuesday expressed its concern over the detention of demonstrators in Russia and called for their immediate release.

Ukraine's Defense Minister Stepan Poltorak has said in Vilnius that Russia had stationed thousands of troops in Eastern Ukraine and was building up its...

On 13th May, 2017 in order to draw the attention to the persecution and serious human rights violations against LGBT people in Chechnya (Russian Federation),...

Russian media outlets in Moscow and in the Baltic countries have stepped up their efforts to generate opposition among Estonians, Latvians and Lithuanians to...

Lithuania censures elections in South Ossetia

2017 m. balandžio 10 d. 11:09

Hoax repeats – made up stories with children  (1)

2017 m. vasario 20 d. 18:09

PM denounces attacks in Ankara, Berlin

2016 m. gruodžio 20 d. 10:14

About friends and allies

2016 m. gruodžio 1 d. 14:08

Eurasian Economic Union - reality or fiction?  (1)

2016 m. lapkričio 25 d. 12:18

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