Prosecutor General's Office

The Lithuanian Ministry of Justice unveiled Thursday its proposal to decriminalize less serious economic, financial and property crimes, making them...

Ex-judge is back after extradition from US

2019 m. lapkričio 7 d. 09:52

Neringa Venckiene , a former judge and lawmaker, was brought to Lithuania on Wednesday evening after her extradition from the United States.

Beauty clinic hacking case fails to reach court

2019 m. lapkričio 4 d. 13:40

The case of theft of clients' personal information and photos from the Kaunas-based cosmetic surgery clinic Grozio Chirurgija in Lithuania is still in the...

Lithuania's Prosecutor General's Office said on Tuesday it had handed over to court the case of the non-transparent issuance of a visa .

The government has asked the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) to give it more time to prepare its position regarding a Saudi national's claim that he...

Lithuanian companies have not violated the European Unions' anti- Russian sanctions , the country's Prosecutor General's Office said after dropping a...

Agrokoncernas responds to LRT investigation

2019 m. sausio 14 d. 15:25

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