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Naujai istorija sudėta! ----- Skansenas – pirmasis pasaulyje muziejus po atviru dangumi / Allsång på Skansen – dainavimas kartu nuo „trisdešimt...

Carried out in 2018-2019, the Analysis of Diversity and Equal Opportunities in Vilnius University (VU) revealed that the number of women working at VU...

UEFA Vykdomasis komitetas apsisprendė, kaip bus užbaigti 2019-2020 metų UEFA Čempionų lygos ir Europos lygos turnyrai.

The lockdown regime ends in Lithuania on Wednesday and the country will live under the conditions of an emergency situation.

The Lithuanian Health Ministry published on Tuesday a list of 45 countries most affected by the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic.

The existing bank for residents of Sweden , Portugal and the United Kingdom to come to Lithuania will remain next week.

What languages are studied the most in the EU?

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