A company of Portuguese troops is leaving Lithuania this week after spending four months in the country in training.

Lithuania, which is competing for participating in Euro 2016 in France against England and Slovenia in Group F, will face these teams also in the clashes for...

One of the detained ships of state-controlled company Lietuvos Jūrų Laivininkystė ( Lithuanian Shipping Company , or LJL), which is facing bankruptcy...

Jaunosios kartos lietuvių kino režisierius, scenarijų autorius bei prodiuseris Romas Zabarauskas, sukūręs tokius filmus kaip “Porno melodrama” ir...

The European Commission wants that EU member states themselves decide if to import genetically modified (GM) animal feed, just like they decide if to grow...

Britai kiša kiaulę graikams  (135)

2015 m. liepos 14 d. 10:22

Didžiosios Britanijos iždo sekretorius George'as Osborne'as sieks blokuoti bet kokius Europos Sąjungos pareigūnų veiksmus, kuriais šalies lėšos...

Lithuania's population shrank in 2014

2015 m. liepos 11 d. 20:14

Basketball: No-show Navarro

2015 m. liepos 1 d. 13:20

Around 80 American soldiers to come to Lithuania

2015 m. birželio 30 d. 17:25

Portugal's defence chief arriving in Lithuania

2015 m. birželio 29 d. 10:34

„Forbes“ įvertino Lietuvą  (7)

2015 m. birželio 27 d. 22:00

Opinion: How to make Lithuania more prosperous  (1)

2015 m. birželio 8 d. 10:59

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