Vienas didžiausių Lietuvoje SEB bankas pirmąjį metų ketvirtį uždirbo 40,9 mln. eurų grynojo pelno – 36 proc. daugiau nei tuo pat laiku pernai...

Gediminas Simkus, board chairman of the Central Bank of Lithuania, is generally positive about the government's proposed anti-inflation package but...

The central Bank of Lithuania has proposed anti-inflationary measures aimed at helping people most affected by rising price. Such measures include a proposed...

Lithuania's average old-age pension is set to increase by 51 euros to 465 euros as of next January, with the average pension of those who have the necessary...

Lithuania’s 2022 budget bill provides for more rapid increases in pensions, social security allocations and wages in the public sector, which will be...

Lietuvos ne gyvybės draudimo rinkoje šių metų pirmąjį pusmetį lyderio pozicijas išlaikė Lenkijos PZU grupei priklausantis „ Lietuvos draudimas...

Single person's pension to be launched in July

2021 m. gegužės 4 d. 13:15

President signs 2021 budget bill into law

2020 m. gruodžio 29 d. 13:43

Lithuania may raise minimum wage by EUR 35

2020 m. spalio 14 d. 15:23

Seimas approved the aid after quarantine

2020 m. gegužės 12 d. 19:05

Income inequality might go down in 2020

2020 m. sausio 4 d. 05:35

New taxes and payouts in 2020: seven key changes

2019 m. gruodžio 31 d. 16:42

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