When I go abroad I like to have a chat with taxi drivers – they help better understand the moods of the public. A young taxi driver I met in Warsaw in May...

NATO 's multinational battalion to be deployed to Lithuania next year will have both tanks and infantry combat vehicles, Defence Minister Juozas Olekas said...

Mid-range Norwegian advanced surface to air missile systems ( NASAMS ) are to be delivered to Lithuania by 2020, the Lithuanian Defence Ministry said on Friday.

The deployment of Patriot long-range air defence systems in Lithuania as part of NATO's multinational battalion that is to arrive in the country next year...

Lithuania is contributing to the creation of the UK-led Joint Expeditionary Force , which will consist of around 10,000 troops.

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Lithuania to station NATO battalion in Rukla

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Why there should be more women in politics

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Sergey Kanovich: On protecting anti-Semites

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Emigration from Lithuania continues to rise

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