A man was arrested after police found two kilograms of cocaine in his car during a check in Vilnius on Monday.

Members of the Lithuanian parliament's Provisional Group for Solidarity with Tibetans intend to meet with the Dalai Lama during his visit to Lithuania in...

M. Maldeikis. What is D. Trump telling Lithuania?

2018 m. balandžio 13 d. 17:59

The gas pipeline Nord Stream 2 , which is projected on the bottom of the Baltic Sea, is in essence a political project and would cause major harm to...

General Riccardo Marchio , Allied Joint Force Command Brunssum is visiting Lithuania, the Lithuanian Defense Ministry said on Tuesday. On Monday, the...

An annual exercise Hunter of anti-tank units is starting in the Pabradė training ground, eastern Lithuania, on Monday.

Dutch royal couple coming to Lithuania in June

2018 m. balandžio 5 d. 10:21

Studies by GDL Vilnius residents in Europe

2018 m. sausio 9 d. 16:13

Croatian troop dies in Rukla, Lithuania

2017 m. gruodžio 13 d. 12:45

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