Mission Siberia


Mission Siberia project discontinued in Lithuania

2021 m. balandžio 27 d. 10:29

The 15-year-old Mission Siberia initiative of organizing annual expeditions to tend graves of Lithuanian deportees and political prisoners in Siberia has...

Mission Siberia , an expedition organized annually to tend to graves of Lithuanian deportees and political prisoners, has been cancelled this year due to...

Socialiniame tinkle „Twitter“ skleidžiama melaginga bei nesantaiką kurstanti informacija, prisidengiant projekto „Misija Sibiras“ vardu....

Participants of the annual Mission Siberia left for Kazakhstan from Vilnius Railway Station on Wednesday.

Lithuania marks Day of Mourning and Hope

2019 m. birželio 14 d. 10:20

Lithuania is on Friday marking the Day of Mourning and Hope , the anniversary of the beginning of mass deportations of Lithuanian citizens in the Soviet era.

Parties: Lilliputians growing, giants declining

2018 m. birželio 19 d. 18:22

Mission Siberia opens call for applications

2018 m. balandžio 5 d. 16:52

Mission Siberia team back in Lithuania

2017 m. rugpjūčio 1 d. 10:11

Mission Siberia team leaves for Russia

2017 m. liepos 18 d. 12:46