Ministry of Health


Health vice minister Simonaityte steps down

2021 m. gruodžio 30 d. 15:45

Lithuania's Health Vice Minister Zivile Simonaityte is stepping down as of next week.

Members of the Association of Online Media in Lithuania decided to disable commenting option on their articles about COVID-19 vaccination. The step is taken...

After more than six months, Lithuania on Thursday lifted its most recent lockdown and some of the restrictions but left the requirements to wear facemasks...

Every fifth (19 percent) resident who visited health care institutions confessed to giving a bribe, and every fourth (25 percent) used personal connections...

Lithuania's Ministry of Health plans to start mass vaccination of people against the coronavirus in the country in July. Until then, the plan is to immunize...

Lithuania’s authorities are starting work on a comprehensive national defense plan, which will define not only armed defense but also the role of other...

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