Ministry of Finance


Lithuanian citizens still have a tough time accessing data about how state institutions are using taxpayer’s money.

Revenues collected by municipalities around Lithuania increased in 2015 with 57 municipalities receiving more than €80 million in extra revenues in 2015,...

With about six months left to the next general election, cutting taxes is all the rage in the Lithuanian parliament. MPs have submitted several bills...

Tax revenues ahead of projections so far

2016 m. kovo 15 d. 17:04

Teachers to hold rally ahead of strike action

2016 m. vasario 15 d. 09:40

Concerns about Lithuania's budget deficit  (1)

2015 m. spalio 5 d. 15:41

Lithuanian PM wants to raise pensions in early 2016

2015 m. rugpjūčio 12 d. 17:55