liquefied natural gas


Key moments from US Vice President Joe Biden 's speech in Riga.

Protection of Lithuania's LNG terminal 'impressive'

2016 m. rugpjūčio 19 d. 16:42

Lithuania's Interior Minister Tomas Žilinskas said during a visit in the port city of Klaipėda on Friday that the Public Security Service and...

Lithuanian Interior Minister Tomas Žilinskas and Energy Minister Rokas Masiulis are going to Klaipėda on Friday to inspect security arrangements at the...

Lithuania's LNG terminal in Klaipėda, launched in late 2014, has been a symbol of its aspiration towards energy independence, although maintaining the...

The idea of engaging in more dialogue with Russia is eagerly accepted by the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), is being pursued by the United...

On May 17, Polish state-owned natural gas pipeline network operator Gaz-System S.A. published its updated strategy for 2016–2025. A noteworthy new element...

What’s next for Europe’s natural gas market?

2016 m. balandžio 5 d. 08:16

Lithuania 'can still stop Belarus nuclear plant'

2016 m. balandžio 4 d. 16:56

Will consumers feel lower gas prices?

2016 m. sausio 26 d. 09:34

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