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Conservatives win parliamentary election

2020 m. spalio 25 d. 22:32

The opposition conservative Homeland Union – Lithuanian Christian Democrats have won the parliament election in Lithuania and can form a ruling coalition...

Homeland Union - Lithuanian Christian Democrats are leading the Lithuanian parliament elections after the first round that took place on Sunday, 11th of...

Since spring 2017 MP s have published a total of 3597 meetings with interest groups and registered lobbyists. In autumn of 2019, 74 MPs declared 683 such...

Peasants’ flirting with Conservatives continues

2016 m. lapkričio 11 d. 15:23

Who’ll win the Seimas elections?

2016 m. kovo 2 d. 18:03

Two new MPs take oaths in the Seimas

2014 m. liepos 8 d. 13:14