Labor Party


The opposition Lithuanian Social Democratic Party (LSDP) continues to top the country's political party rankings, followed by the opposition Democratic Union...

Lithuania's ruling conservative party – the Homeland Union-Lithuanian Christian Democrats (HU-LCD) – continues to lead the party rating in the country,...

The conservative Homeland Union–Lithuanian Christian Democrats top Lithuania's party rankings, followed by the Democratic Union "For Lithuania" in second...

Viktoras Fiodorovas, the elder of the opposition Labor Party political group in the Lithuanian Seimas, will temporarily lead the party following the...

Lithuanian MEP Viktor Uspaskich has announced his resignation as the chairman of the opposition Labor Party.

Lithuania's opposition parties expect the country's ruling block to end in a negotiating group to resolve the ongoing conflict, an opposition MP says.

Election watchdog cancels MP Guoga's mandate

2021 m. vasario 19 d. 12:32

Conservatives win parliamentary election

2020 m. spalio 25 d. 22:32

Results from polling districts showing up

2020 m. spalio 11 d. 23:34

22 millionaires run for Lithuanian parliament

2020 m. rugsėjo 13 d. 03:15

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