Islamic State


Brussels was the scene of multiple explosions on March 22, highlighting the persistent vulnerability of soft targets to simple, effective attacks — as...

A prime suspect in the bombing of Brussels airport yesterday has been arrested by Belgian police in the city's Anderlecht district, Belgian media are reporting.

Trump's attack ad draws ire from Moscow

2016 m. kovo 18 d. 12:54

A campaign video by US presidential candidate Donald Trump has elicited comment from Russian President Vladimir Putin . The ad, attacking Trump's...

The Western political establishment is hostile to Russia . This makes it all the more important to demonstrate that the Western religious establishment is...

Russian statements about maneuvers in Syria should be viewed with caution, says Lithuanian Foreign Minister Linas Linkevičius , adding that countries...

The primary goal of Russia ’s military intervention in Syria was to link its actions in Syria to the conflict in Ukraine, disputes with the European...

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