Kad apsaugotų Europos Sąjungos vartotojus nuo neapykantą kurstančio turinio, „Facebook Inc.“ gali būti priversta pašalinti vartotojų žinutes bet...

Lithuania would be likely agree to another Brexit extension if requested by the United Kingdom, Foreign Minister Linas Linkevicius said on Wednesday.

Ji ištekėjo už savo svajonių vyro ir vilkėjo savo svajonių suknelę – Hailey Baldwin Bieber savo paskyroje socialiniame tinkle „Instagram“...

What languages are studied the most in the EU?

2019 m. rugsėjo 26 d. 07:56

English is, by far, the most popular foreign language to be studied in the EU. Nearly 98% of pupils learned English in lower secondary education in 2017,...

Revolut , a UK-based fintech startup that holds a banking license in Lithuania, has completed the formation of Revolut Bank 's management board in...

Hard to miss: Kaunas Architecture Festival

2019 m. rugsėjo 15 d. 08:53

Kicking off later in September, this year’s edition is asking: “Landmark architecture – creating or destroying the city’s identity?”.

Lithuanians most optimistic about EU

2019 m. rugpjūčio 8 d. 09:10

Price levels in Lithuania among lowest in EU

2019 m. birželio 20 d. 15:30

Promising year for Lithuanian animation

2019 m. birželio 9 d. 09:10

Every fourth family in Lithuania single-parent

2019 m. birželio 3 d. 07:10

Revolut: no plan change in Lithuania

2019 m. gegužės 24 d. 17:52

Lithuania keeps increasing its production levels

2019 m. gegužės 15 d. 09:14

CO2 emission increased in Lithuania last year

2019 m. gegužės 8 d. 14:25

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