Interior Minister


An officer of Lithuania’s Fire and Rescue Department was fatally injured at the border with Belarus on Tuesday, the Ministry of the Interior reported.

10-km long concertina razor wire has been delivered to Lithuania from Slovenia on Thursday, as well as other elements needed for its installation on the...

Irregular migrants currently living in tents at the Rudninkai military training area will be moved to the Kybartai correctional facility, which is slated for...

The Lithuanian Interior Minister expects a physical barrier of over 500 kilometers along the border with Belarus to be completed in just over a year, by...

Migration Department receives 1,500 asylum requests

2021 m. rugpjūčio 14 d. 07:00

Lithuania's Migration Department has so far received some 1,500 asylum requests from illegal migrants who have come to Lithuania, and all requests processed...

1st Iraqi migrant voluntarily leaves Lithuania

2021 m. rugpjūčio 13 d. 12:53

The first Iraqi migrant who arrived in Lithuania illegally from Belarus flew home on Thursday night, the Lithuanian Interior Ministry reports.

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