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Aukščiausias Kinijos bankininkystės reguliuotojas pareiškė , kad „labai nerimauja“ dėl pavojų, susijusių su burbulais pasaulinėse finansų...

The global hospitality industry is coming off its worst year in modern history, but patient lenders and the volume of capital chasing distressed hotel deals...

In China’s popular online-streaming industry, virtual gift-giving is big. You can send your favorite live performer anything from a rose for 5 yuan (80...

Why China is sentencing a tycoon to death

2021 m. sausio 14 d. 09:28

The bigamy conviction got a lot of the attention but Lai Xiaomin received a death sentence on Tuesday over a much more serious issue troubling China.

A new study just published in the scientific journal PLOS One examines how lockdowns impact mental health using data from across the world. Results showed...

Economic shocks like the coronavirus pandemic of 2020 only arrive once every few generations, and they bring about permanent and far-reaching change.


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2020 m. liepos 1 d. 13:25

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