Border guards at Vilnius Airport have detained six people who flew in from Greece, having forged Romanian and Italian ID documents.

Africa, the geographical term that emerged in the ancient world, refers to one of the three oldest continents, together with Europe and Asia, as far as the...

Vilnius has expressed its support to Greece mourning the victims of devastating fires and has lit the Three Crosses monument with the white and blue colors...

Edvinas Šeškus karjerą tęs Graikijoje  (2)

2018 m. liepos 27 d. 08:17

Praėjusiame sezone Prienuose žaidęs Edvinas Šeškus pradeda naują karjeros etapą – legionieriaus duonos ragaus Graikijoje.

Forest fires in Greece are forcing Lithuanian holidaymakers to change their plans.

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