Gediminas Hill

Specialistams pavyko sutvarkyti vilniečius ir turistus gąsdinusį Gedimino pilies kalno plyšį, skelbia LNK žinios. Beje, specialistai ne tik baigė...

Visitors are one again allowed onto Gediminas Hill in central Vilnius after a break of around eight months, the National Museum of Lithuania says.

A Lithuanian government commission has decided that the remains of participants of the 1863-1864 uprising against Tsarist Russia should be buried in Vilnius'...

Lithuanian researchers want to conduct genetic analyses to identify the remains of Konstantinas Kalinauskas (Konstanty Kalinowski), one of the leaders of...

Defence of Lithuania

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The yard of a medieval artisan

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When sleeping on a gunpowder barrel

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Gediminas Hill reopened to visitors

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