Visuomenėje vis dar įsitvirtinęs požiūris, jog vienos profesijos yra perspektyvesnės nei kitos. „Iš meno negyvensi“, „menininkas – ne...

Most of the bloc's member countries do not back EU funding for physical barriers at borders, European Commissioner for Home Affairs Ylva Johansson has said.

Philippine student Jeffrey Razonabe will spend his first winter in Europe – in Vilnius and can’t wait to see snow. It will be a year of many firsts for...

The European Union has endorsed a new Forest Strategy for 2030 that sets out plans to protect old forests and plant 3 billion new trees, as well as to avoid...

Electronic Business Management student Tania Krauchauka from Gomel (Belarus) calls Vilnius an international city, which is welcoming to foreigners.

Researcher Luis Pinto (52) from Porto, Portugal, is spending a year in Vilnius working on his PhD and conducting research. In his spare time, he enjoys...

Armenian: Vilnius is like a city in a forest  (1)

2020 m. lapkričio 29 d. 04:45

Nature trails in and around Kaunas

2020 m. rugpjūčio 2 d. 04:35

Mirė rašytojas Petras Gediminas Isokas  (1)

2020 m. liepos 7 d. 15:13

Sunny weekend in Kaunas: explore Lampedziai

2020 m. birželio 20 d. 03:20

Valentine’s Day in Kaunas

2020 m. vasario 11 d. 10:12

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