Foreign Ministry


Sweden’s top defense official said staying out of NATO remains the best security option for the country, even with an increasingly assertive Russia.

Dar nespėjus nurimti niekuo nepagrįstoms kalboms, esą vakcina nuo Covid-19 gali sukelti moterų nevaisingumą, internete pasirodė tvirtinimai, kad...

Russia is accusing the West of maligning its achievements in the global race to defeat Covid-19 as its attempts to win key markets for its Sputnik V vaccine...

Lithuanian police have launched a probe into a series of cyber disinformation attacks carried out three weeks ago.

Of all the developing countries testing China’s Covid-19 vaccines, few are friendlier to Beijing than Pakistan. In the years leading up to the pandemic,...

Lithuania on Sunday joined other European countries in imposing a ban on passenger flights from Britain, Prime Minister Ingrida Simonyte said after an...

Foreign Ministry reports cyber attack

2020 m. rugsėjo 24 d. 10:05

Nine Lithuanians relocated from Venezuela

2020 m. rugpjūčio 23 d. 06:30

Novaturas and Tez Tour suspend trips to Greece

2020 m. rugpjūčio 22 d. 04:45

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