Financial Crime Investigation Service


A cross-border VAT fraud case, in which seven persons have been accused of alleged 4.9 million euros fraud and 23 million euros money laundering, has been...

Lithuania's Foreign Affairs Ministry has vowed to launch negotiations with Belarus on the takeover of Belorus, a Belarus-owned sanatorium situated in...

Lithuania's Financial Crime Investigation Service said on Wednesday it is carrying out two pre-trial investigations into the use and distribution of dental...

Lithuanian businessman Rimandas Stonys who is suspected of large-scale VAT fraud has dismissed the investigation conducted by law enforcement services as a...

Lithuanian businessman Rimandas Stonys, active in the energy area, has been detained as part of an investigation into a fuel VAT fraud scheme, informed...

Lithuanian lawmakers vow to look into the situation around US institutions' alleged investigations against Scandinavian banks operating in Lithuania.

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2019 m. gegužės 24 d. 17:52

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Revolut moves operation launch date in Lithuania

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2019 m. sausio 14 d. 15:25