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Vilius Šapoka , a former director of the Financial Services and Markets Supervision Department at the central Bank of Lithuania , says that he is...

The proposal made by Ramūnas Karbauskis , the leader of the Lithuanian Peasant and Green Union that won the recent parliamentary elections, to postpone...

After the European Commission has asked for clarification from Lithuania over its draft 2017 budget , Finance Minister Rasa Budbergytė says that the EU's...

Finansų ministerija teigia, kad jos pasiūlyta nauja gyventojų pajamų mokesčio ( GPM ) pervedimo tvarka leis užtikrinti, kad savivaldybės joms...

Lithuania's Cabinet of ministers will Wednesday open discussions into the next year's budget draft.

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Decision on VAT cuts for food postponed

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Tax revenues ahead of projections so far

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City of London delegation visiting Lithuania

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