Smoking in the Grand Duchy of Lithuania

2017 m. spalio 23 d. 14:49

Tobacco (Latin: nicotiana tabacum) was first brought in Europe shortly after the discovery of the Americas but it was not until the second half of the 16th...

Rusijos prezidentas Vladimiras Putinas negalėjo liautis juokęsis, kai vienas iš jo kabineto ministrų pasiūlė šalies mėsos gamintojams kiaulieną...

The Correling labelling platform for food products and beverages is launching a smart solution for business that offers significant savings in both time and...

The European Commission on Monday imposed a 27.87-million-euro fine for the state-run company Lietuvos Geležinkeliai (Lithuanian Railways) for...

The Lithuanian Foreign Ministry on Tuesday voiced its support for the UN Security Council's resolution to impose new sanctions against North Korea .

Papermaking in the Grand Duchy of Lithuania

2017 m. rugsėjo 6 d. 10:08

Paper mills, their key characteristic being the use of water energy, were an important element of the technology revolution. The production of paper, which...

Is a new economic crisis looming?

2017 m. birželio 26 d. 09:35

Lithuania slides on Global Innovation Index

2017 m. birželio 16 d. 15:27

Lithuania to ratify EU-Canada trade pact

2017 m. gegužės 17 d. 10:09

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