The government has decided to create a system for relocating people of Lithuanian descent from humanitarian crisis zones, with a special law to be drawn up.

The Lithuanian parliament's working group is discussing two alternative formulations of the question of a dual citizenship referendum, both of which would...

When it comes to the labour market in Lithuania, now the employees are calling the shots, while most employers need to compete to attract and retain...

Looking for traces of Lithuania in the world

2017 m. rugsėjo 11 d. 15:17

If you can find a sparrow, you will find a Lithuanian, an old saying goes. There are more than a million people of Lithuanian decent living outside of...

Expatriate voting results

2016 m. spalio 13 d. 11:14

Emigration a key topic in Seimas elections

2016 m. spalio 4 d. 10:56

Emigration from Lithuania continues to rise

2016 m. liepos 22 d. 12:12