The Eurobarometer survey for December 2022 has revealed that 93% of EU citizens and 96% of Lithuanians are worried about the rising cost of living, including...

The Employment Service (UŽT) has announced that the number of Lithuanian residents planning to work abroad in the future even for a short time has decreased...

As many as two thirds of Lithuanian residents would agree that 1- and 2-euro cent coins would be taken out from the circulation, a Eurobarometer survey has...

A large majority of European Union citizens are positive about recent EU actions to tackle the energy crisis, the latest Eurobarometer survey shows.

Democracy remains the most important value EU citizens want Parliament to stand up for. 72% of respondents believe their country has benefited from being an...

More than two thirds of people in Lithuania are satisfied with the government's response to Russia 's war in Ukraine , according to a Eurobarameter survey...

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