The Seimas of Lithuania has expanded the list of hate criteria to include a ban on discrimination based on skin color and ethnic origin.

Negaliu žodžiais išreikšti, kaip laukiu šios premjeros. Drąsiai galiu pasakyti – tai labai svarbus spektaklis mūsų visuomenei ir norisi kviesti...

80 candidates from Lithuania, including 62 men and 18 women, are partaking in the European Space Agency's astronaut selection, with a total of almost 22,600...

„Bloomberg“ pripažino „Nestlé“, įtraukdama į 2021 m. Lyčių lygybės indeksą (angl. Bloomberg Gender Equality Index) už įsipareigojimą...

The Lithuanian government on Wednesday allowed students of all grades who have difficulty learning from home to return to classrooms and permitted people who...

A universal child benefit will increase to 70 euros, from current 60 euros per month, from January 2021 pursuant to a respective amendment to the Law on...

Seimas approved the aid after quarantine

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R. van Voren. New normal is not normal

2020 m. gegužės 11 d. 09:34

R. van Voren. Criminal negligence?

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Parliament adopts 2020 state budget

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