Parliament member Giedrė Purvaneckienė , of the Social Democrats, has drafted a bill which would outlaw female genital mutilation.

Lithuanians are among the least politically active citizens in Europe, according to new research.

Ludo Segers talks to the Dutch ambassador about taking over the presidency of the European council, on why David Cameron ’s speech on getting a new deal...

Decisions to introduce border controls by Schengen Area countries have set off a "domino effect" that could threaten the entire free movement principle of...

American news site BuzzFeed has announced 18 places in the world worth visiting in 2016. Lithuania is also on the list.

Lithuanian institutions are putting more and more effort into enticing expatriates to return to their homeland, world Lithuanian youth leaders said during...

US defence expert: Threats to Baltics are very real  (2)

2015 m. lapkričio 26 d. 10:23

Lithuania among most rural EU countries

2015 m. spalio 6 d. 08:59

Opinion: Not human enough to be saved  (40)

2015 m. rugsėjo 17 d. 12:14

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