Defense Ministry

Lithuania’s air defense has reached a new higher level following the delivery of the NASAMS medium-range air-defense systems from Norway, Chief of...

The Lithuanian Defense Ministry expects that some of the troops that the United States plans to withdraw from Germany will stay in Europe.

Lithuania is easing military training restrictions as the coronavirus situation in the country is improving, the Defense Ministry said on Friday.

Lithuanian Land Force Commander Brigadier General Raimundas Vaiksnoras was taken from Vilnius Airport straight to a hospital to be tested for...

The Lithuanian Defense Ministry proposes to introduce the " official use " label for sensitive information in the national defense system , saying this...

Lithuania's Chief of Defense Lieutenant General Valdemaras Rupsys says NATO's multinational battalion that was deployed to Lithuania three years ago is a...

Russian arms control inspectors visiting Lithuania  (1)

2019 m. rugpjūčio 27 d. 18:50

Habel taking over as commander of NATO battle group  (1)

2019 m. rugpjūčio 1 d. 10:47

New chief of defense assumes office

2019 m. liepos 24 d. 09:55

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